The Premier Artists of the North Coast

The North Coast of California is home to more artists per capita than any other region of California, with an exceptionally high number of dance companies, musicians of all genres, theater companies, writers, symphonic orchestras and bands, and visual artists of all media. Sewell Gallery Fine Art has collected together over 50 of the premier visual artists of the region and features them in a warm, spacious light filled gallery in the heart of Eureka’s Downtown and Old Town Arts Corridor.

A wide range of artworks

We feature a wide range of artworks in painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, jewelry, fabric, and glass, created by Humboldt County artists, many of whom are regionally, nationally, and even internationally acclaimed. There are classically rendered oil and watercolor paintings in highly representational style, abstract works in two and three dimensions, as well as impressions in various degrees of realism. The focus is on original works of art, and we also have high quality reproductions in limited editions of some of our artist’s work.

The common thread that connects all of the art at Sewell Gallery Fine Art is that each piece has been selected because of the excellence with which the artist conveys their vision, and the emotional impact that is revealed to each viewer.

A full service gallery

Sewell Gallery Fine Art provides local delivery, installation, education and consultation, as needed. 

A welcoming space

Where outside groups can host receptions, parties, and meetings that become lively and stimulating because of the great ambiance of the room. We host many talented musicians who love playing in the rich acoustics, and we host events of cultural interest that feature local artists presenting and discussing what inspires them.